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Welcome to dLook

dLook aim to break through the clutter, to simplify the Internet for sole traders and small to medium business owners with affordable online services tailoring strategies that meet your business needs.


About Us

Since 2005 dLook has been creating online strategies that work. From the earliest days of lead generating landing pages to the multi channel tailored solutions of today.

Recognised as one of the innovators in the market, dLook has:

  • Run over 10,000 online advertising campaigns
  • Produced 1000+ multimedia promotional videos
  • Designed, built and hosted 100+ websites
  • Written 1000’s of guest blog posts, website copy and optimised content
  • Achieved 100,000+ page 1 search engine results on Google and Bing
  • Run its own leading national business directory, dlook.com.au
  • Run dozens of target industry information sites
  • Designed, built and managed social media sites
  • Tailored multi channel online strategies for 1000’s of Australian businesses

As an Australian owned business, dLook has retained its founding principles of offering great value online solutions at an affordable price ensuring a high return on investment (ROI).

Starting your online strategy can cost less than $2 per day start today, click here to learn more.


Enhance your existing strategy with a tailored solution, using dLook as an extension of your team, filling the gaps where you need – whether design, hosting, content, social media or more.


Products & Services

Online success is not colour by number, it’s an increasingly complex multi channel strategy incorporating website development, social media engagement, multimedia and search engine optimisation. All the while retaining your ability to keep up with the ever changing market conditions.

As a one stop shop, dLook keep abreast of the market to ensure the optimal performance and conversion for our customers.

Multi-Channel Solutions


National Business Directory

Leading national business directory offering full featured searches including quotes facility, reviews, promotional coupons and customised landing pages promoting Australian businesses. Visit dLook.com.au.


Quote Sites

Industry targeted quote sites spanning building trades, automotive industry, lifestyle, travel and insurance enabling targeted search and enhanced visibility. Visit Driving School quotes.


Restaurant Sites

Search local restaurants, read reviews, and where the restaurant has chosen to, make a booking. Cuisines from around the world locally near you. Visit Find French Restaurants.


Customer Websites

Design, build and host customer websites complete with email facility. Professional and optimised website development for small to medium business including quotes feature, gallery, sliders, testimonials and more. Visit our portfolio page.


Video Production

Video production facilities to create a multimedia experience for your business, from simple promotional videos to voice over corporate training videos. Visit our YouTube channel.


Social Media

Social media design and management services, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google Places & Google+. Follow us on dLook’s Facebook page.


Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services including on page and off page optimisation using dLook’s proven multi channel approach.


Content Services

Full content services including website content, guest blogging, micro blogs, ghost blogging, press releases and social media feeds.


Lead Generation

Lead generation package including tailored market specific strategy to secure more business using online and offline marketing systems.

dLook knows how to make your business Be Found Online, find out more.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who are dLook?

dLook are an online creative team that offers a one stop shop for SME’s and sole traders for all their Internet needs. From a simple landing page to a tailored website, right through to n outsourced multi channel tailored online marketing strategy.

I received a call from dLook, why?

dLook calls Australian businesses when we need to verify a free listing or to alert them to a customer query, either a quote request or online review. Our premium customers may also receive calls regarding new product opportunities. If ever in doubt please contact Sydney head office on (02) 9290 2821.

Why do you mask the business phone number on listings?

When a listing goes live on dLook it is published globabally. The Internet is also known as the World Wide Web (www) and the dLook site performs extremely well and therefore is easily found, whether that’s Perth, Parramatta or Pakistan. In order to reduce the level of overseas spam calls we introduced shielded numbers which are locked to certain regions around the world. Though this won’t stop all the calls, it certainly helps reduce them.

Someone called from overseas claiming to be dLook, how do I verify?

dLook runs a team in Sydney and in Manila, Philippines. If you are contacted by an overseas representative and you are a premium customer you can verify first by asking for your dLook ID and Password which is only available to dLook admin staff or you can call our Sydney office and request a call back from the representative that called you. dLook Sydney can be contacted on (02) 9290 2821.

What’s the difference between a website and a landing page?

The dLook quick start product provides a business with a dLook hosted landing page. This is a premium one page listing ondlook.com.au. You can read more about landing pages here. A website is a personalised and dedicated service for your business only and can be multiple pages with your own URL or unique website address.

Can you help me with my website?

dLook are a full service online creative team providing a huge range of services from website development and hosting to social or multimedia design and management. If you would like to find out more about dLook’s tailored solutions, click here.

What are keywords? What are geotags?

Keywords are words that customers may use to find you on the Internet. Though some people may specifically search for your business name, new opportunities will search for general terms such as painter or house painting. A geotag is a location, such as Sydney or Melbourne. Consider your own searching habits, if looking for a product or service then you’ll often add a word or phrase to determine your product or service plus a location you wish to find it. You can read more about keywords and geotags in our Resource section in the Customer dashboard.

What is a backlink?

A backlink is a link from one website to another. Such as a link to our national directory site, www.dlook.com.au. This link is recognised by search engines as an endorsement from this page to the receiving page. Google pagerank is heavily weighted by backlinks, including authority, diversity and location. You can read more about backlinks in our Resouce section in the Customer dashboard.

Why can’t I copy content across the web?

Unlike traditional brand management, keeping exactly the same message or same content on every page is actually a negative. To copy content is known as duplicate content and is penalised by major search engines. This can affect both the originating page and offending page. Fresh, unique and relevant content is always the key to online success. Please note, this does not apply to a brand name or a tagline. A few words here and there won’t kill you, but paragraphs will.


How do I log into my account?

Log into the dLook dashboard via http://www.dlook.com.au/login.php

I have forgotten my password

Visit the dLook login screen via http://www.dlook.com.au/login.php and select forgotten password to send our team an email. Your user name and password will be sent to your registered address during business hours.

What happens when my subscription is due for renewal?

As your initial term is due to expire you will receive notification advice from dLook offering to change your subscription, cancel your account or to simply allow to continue on based on the terms of your contract. You can read dLook’s terms and conditions of service here.

How do I cancel?

If you wish to cancel your dLook account please log into your customer dashboard and select the Accounts tab. From here you can choose your change of account status. A help video is also available to guide you through the process if required.

How do I answer quote requests?

Quote requests are sent to your registered email address – please ensure dLook is added to your safe sender list. You can choose to respond directly to the email choosing the reply option or you can log into your account and respond via the dLook service. A help video is available via the dLook customer dashboard.

How do I change my page?

Updating your listing is via the dLook Dashboard. Log into your account and choose the relevant tabs to change business description, add images, photos or your social media feeds. Full tutorial videos are available via the dLook Dashboard.

How do I add reviews?

Reviews are a great way for customers to see what others think of your business, and encouraging your customers to add reviews is an important role you can play in helping your business not only increase its customer integrity but also to optimise your page performance and open additional ranking features in major search engines.

How do I upload a photo? Logo?

Uploading a log or photos to your listing requires you to log into your dLook Dashboard. A number of how to videos demonstrate how easy it is to add your logo or business images and photos. Of course a picture tells a thousand words, so what better way to engage your customers than by adding some relevant images.


How do I improve my results?

When you first log into your dLook Dashboard you can watch the introductory video which talks about the best ways to optimise your page, including great ways to increase your online performance in major search engines. We also have a suggestion tool on the home page of your dashboard displaying current profile completion and some quick ways to improve your listing.

Can I review performance?

dLook provide a full set of performance statistics including daily and monthly visits, leads and conversions. You can assess daily views or your monthly trends all from your dLook Dashboard home page. A full description of the graphs is available via the dLook Dashboard.

What can I do to improve my page?

The easiest way to improve page performance is to add reviews. If you added a review once per week from one of your customers this alone can greatly affect your page performance. You can also optimise your page in a number of other ways, check the suggestion tool on the home page of your dLook dashboard.

Do you guarantee results?

dLook cannot guarantee results on the major search engines such as Google and Bing. dLook in no way as any favourable advantage or bias over the major search engine companies. However, our sites are seen as a high authority within Google and Bing achieving significant results across a broad range of customer queries. dLook utilise tried and tested methods, that have been applied to our own website prior to implementing on anyone else’s.

Visits, Leads and Conversions

Logged in users are presented with daily and monthly performance reports that capture number of visits, leads and conversions. Number of visits are the number of unique visitors to your dLook landing page. Leads are those that have clicked on a hyperlink whether text or graphic based. Conversions are users that have clicked to call your phone number.

How long does it take to rank?

Search engines use robots (or bots) to index pages throughout the web. A simple rule of thumb is the average website update is every 4 – 6 weeks, though some sites are much slower and some are daily. Google updates daily dLook’s cached pages enabling many of dLook sites to be indexed much quicker. However, dLook has no influence over Google’s search algorithm other than its optimisation techniques employed to increase performance.

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